About CoversGap

COVERSGAP: A Pitt stop for all your Back Cover needs

CoversGap is an online store which has a wide range of sturdy yet attractive looking mobile back covers at an easily affordable rate to compliment your mobile and suit your personality in a way which can’t be competed with.  We are dedicated to providing our customers with the best services possible out there so not only do they remain satisfied but also keep coming back for more.

What’s Our Vision?

Although CoversGap is still like a new kid in the school once everyone gets to know it, we would be amongst the top of our class. The vision of CoversGap is to see every other person on the street with a back cover from our online store. Though we are still new and are a small growing company our determination is sky high, we want to keep producing such good quality back covers that people would keep coming back for more!

What’s our Policy?

CoversGap first and foremost responsibility is to keep our customers happy and satisfied with our wide range of back covers. Our policy is to produce such good quality back covers which are attractive too. The most basic need for any customer is to get his money’s worth, to be able to find a back cover which fulfils his key requirements and he remains satisfied with our services. So, in this competitive world, we give value to our customers, if you remain happy we remain happy.

Our Inspiration for Designs

All our designs are either created in house or licensed from other artists. As we will grow over time we plan on to bring as much variety as possible within our already existing wide collection because you can never have too many! As of now we already have a wide array of different designs for anyone and everyone. If you will browse through our collection of back covers you will end up getting more than you wanted to in the first place.

 A collection of back covers from motivational quotes to cute looking prints like panda or minions to some religious prints like Shiva and Lord Krishna blessing you 24/7 to some quirky and totally different texts for today’s youth like a famous line from a Bollywood movie! Currently, we have a collection of back covers for all the top leading brands in Smartphones such as Apple, Nokia, OnePlus, Oppo, Xiaomi, Moto, Lenovo, Samsung, Vivo, Honor and Asus as well.

The durability of our Back Covers

CoversGap puts durability as the first priority in our minds. Why is it important? When you get yourself a new Smartphone the next step is followed up by immediately buying a protective back cover for your phone so the money you’ve invested in it make it worth it. Here comes our role to provide you with such protective hardback covers which makes you trust us and keep coming back for more. Our back covers are made with high polycarbonate material with exclusive designs printed on them! So, basically,  our back covers are made of hard plastic and protect your phone from any scratches or dust that might harm it, thus fulfilling our basic promise to you.

The Classy Matte Finish

CoversGap also knows all of your back cover desires and how to fulfil them. To keep up with this competitive market and follow all the trends going on in the world, we make our back covers in a way which is quite popular in the world. The matte finish is something that every person is looking for to make their phone look classier than usual, with many brands launching their phones with a glass back, many users are not satisfied, the reason being they want a classier look. The matte finish back covers acts as a protective shield as well as also provides your phone with a certain look to compliment your personality.

How well the Print Quality actually is?

When you’re looking for a back cover you actually need something which attracts your attention in a second and how is that possible? Only when the print you see gels well with the back cover, the colours complement each other and the print quality is of a high standard. When you’re looking to invest your money in a back cover, of course, you need some kind of guarantee as to how well the print would hold in future. Well, to begin with, our cases are made using latest technologies, the design becomes a part of the back cover, and there is no peeling off or fading away of any kind for over a certain period of time. These are made with heat transfer technology that makes sure that the colours are absorbed into the back cover easily and they complement each other smoothly. We do provide you with lifetime print warranty with our back covers, they would not fail you and you will keep coming back for more!

Hassle-Free Transactions while being Pocket-Friendly

In this world of expensiveness let us be your knight and shining armor. While there are many online websites which you most certainly rip you off, CoversGap has got you covered with its pocket-friendly prices and a hassle-free transaction to make things go smooth for you. When you look at durable attractive back covers you want a price which also goes easy on you, with our back covers starting at just Rs. 249/- rejoice and have a gala of a time. Now, you can browse for more and enjoy the company of two or even three back covers at a time.

Not only this, but we also offer many exciting deals and offers from time to time, all you need to do is register your email or mobile number with us and you will receive all our promotional messages right away. We know how important festivals and different holidays or occasions are for people, to make it worth your time we would come up for exciting deals so you can enjoy the benefit of more!

With our latest offer being, when you choose to pay online with us via PayPal or Paytm, if you choose to go with PayPal, you would get 50% cashback, Rs. 200 right back to you. With such amazing and exciting offers, how can you not join our CoversGap family where everyone looks out for each other?

Online Shopping Experience with us

CoversGap acknowledges your concerns for your on-time product delivery and with that; we ensure that customers remain satisfied with their 100% ensured safe shipment. We have partnered with all the leading delivering services in India to provide you with hassle-free delivery right on your doorstep, in 3-4 business days. When you order with us you’re provided with your shipment number, so that you can track your shipment from anywhere and anytime. So sit back, relax and order away!

When talking about shipping charges it usually feels ominous and you don’t like reading that. So, don’t worry we won’t put you through that trouble. When we say we don’t ask for any shipping charges then we mean it. Free Shipping. How does this sound now? When everyone around you asks you to give shipping charges as well after charging you heavily for a product it doesn’t feel right. So, now don’t worry, we have got your back.

We at CoversGap care for all your cases and cover needs and so we want to provide you with superior quality products. If your product arrives at you as damaged or broken you should take a look at our Return and Refund Policy which lasts for a whole week! (7 days) if your query remains unsolved please write to us at [email protected]. Our customer care services will ensure to solve all your mobile cover related questions and doubts.

Chat with us!

Want to stay connected with CoversGap through various social media platforms? We are available 24/7 on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Gmail, and WhatsApp! We are here to solve all your covers and cases related problems so don’t hesitate to follow us and contact us via any of the social media apps. Do mention us whenever you share our product on social media and maybe we’ll feature you on our social media. Leave comments and give us feedback on how much you liked our products or how can we improve in the future, good criticism leads to a better result!