What Size Tires For Gravel Bike?

What size tires do gravel bikes have?

700c gravel tyres are typically around 40mm wide, although you can get tyres that are wider or quite a bit narrower too. Typical widths are 35mm, 40mm, 42mm or 45mm. Have a look at this article, where we rode three different width gravel tyres from Maxxis, for an idea of the effect of tyre width on your ride.

How do you choose gravel bike tires?

The basic calculation is as follows: The rougher the terrain, the wider the tire. The smoother the terrain, the narrower the tire. A really fat gravel bike tire will essentially be a mountain bike tire of 2.1 inches wide which performs well on really loose gravel, snow & ice, mud, and other sketchy terrain.

Is 32mm enough for gravel?

Your tyre width again comes down to your route and what kind of terrain you’ll be riding. If the majority of the ride is on the tarmac with a few gravel sectors, aim for something between 28-32mm. Anything that is majority gravel, 36mm and up will be the ticket.

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Should I put road tires on my gravel bike?

ANSWER: You can definitely use a gravel bike as a road bike. In many ways it’s a lot more comfortable than a traditional road bike, because you can use wider tires at lower pressure to give yourself some nice cushioning. You’ll also get better stopping and turning power from more rubber on the road.

Are wider gravel tires slower?

The answer is: ‘ It depends. ‘ There are a few things that can make a gravel tire slower: Aerodynamics of the bike: Wider tires catch a tiny bit more wind, but a 10 mm increase in frontal area doesn’t make a huge difference. Many gravel bikes have a more upright riding position, which is less aero.

How much slower are gravel tires?

The speed difference will be a lot bigger if you are drafting at higher speeds. Nothing scientific, but just comparing hard training rides on two bikes – – my lightest road bike at about 18.5 pounds total, and my gravel bike at about 22 pounds total – – I would say that the gravel bike is about 1.5 to 2 mph slower.

Can you ride 25mm tires on gravel?

On gravel, a larger tire will give you more traction and allow you use a lower level of pressure, which can reduce the risk of a puncture. In general, try to use at least a 25 mm width. If your bike frame and brakes will allow for additional tire clearance, a 28 mm or even a 32 mm would be even better.

Can you ride 28C tires on gravel?

Panaracer’s GravelKing, with its 23c, 26c and 28c widths, has been one of the go-to options for getting a little rowdy on the road bike. It’s a nice, supple ride that is at home on pavement and smooth dirt and gravel roads.

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Can I put gravel tires on my mountain bike?

Gravel bikes can fit wider tires, generally in the 38-45mm range. The largest gravel tires available are still narrower than most mountain bike tires. The majority of XC mountain bikes are designed to fit tires in the range of 2.1-2.4” wide (for reference, 50mm gravel tires measure about 1.97”).

Is gravel bad for tires?

The loose pieces of stones on gravel roads are extremely abrasive on tires. It’s like taking a giant sheet of sand paper and sanding down your tires. Furthermore, there’s a lot of slippage and friction between your tire tread and gravel roads. This particular problem is not as serious on normal paved roads.

Can you ride gravel with 32 tires?

Yes – 32 is fine. You might need to be careful on potholes and the like if you are running tubes. 32mm is more than adequate. I do a fair amount of gravel-grinding on 25mm Conti 4000s.

Is 35mm enough for gravel?

Personally I think 35mm is enough – just slow down a bit if it gets too rough – some terrain is really MTB territory and you can get a gravel bike that can cope a bit better bit at the cost of speed on easier terrain. 35mm is absolutely fine.

Are gravel bikes overpriced?

It is more expensive to pick up a gravel bike compared to a basic road or mountain bike. Of course, you’ll only need one bike in the future but it’s important to be aware of the potential cost difference at the start. This is especially true if you’re looking for a lightweight gravel bike.

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What is a good average speed on a gravel bike?

Broadly speaking, if you average 15 to 16 mph on your hilly road rides, you’ll likely average 12 to 14 on a gravel ride with similar total elevation, depending on the road surface. Obviously, the tougher the terrain (think: lots of mud, loose gravel, sand) the slower you’re going to go.

How much faster is a road bike vs a gravel bike?

After 2200 miles on my gravel bike this year, my average speed was 19.3 MPH compared to an average speed of 20.3 MPH for 5000 miles last year on a steel road bike. So yes its a touch slower, however, I’ve also done a sub – 5 hour Imperial century on the gravel bike, so I wouldn’t say it’s slow

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