What Size Bike Saet Lock Do I Need For A 27.2mm Bike Seat Post?

What size clamp do I need for a 27.2 seatpost?

For example, a 27.2mm seatpost (a size commonly found on road bikes) fits inside a 28.6mm diameter seat tube, so it’s a 28.6mm clamp you need.

How do you measure a bike seat clamp?

The best way to make sure you’re getting the right size is to grab a set of calipers. Just ask your closest engineer- she’s bound to have a set. Stick the calipers on the outside of the seat tube, and measure away! You can also measure the inside of the seat clamp that is currently on your bike.

What size seat clamp do I need for a 25.4 seatpost?

25.4 seatpost = 28.6 seatpost clamp.

What is the diameter of a bicycle seat post?

The dimensions of the seat tube can vary from bicycle to bicycle, so when choosing a seatpost, it’s important to get the correct diameter. The most common diameter is probably 27.2mm, but other sizes between 21.15 and 35mm are often found, as well. Seatposts also vary in length.

How do you size a seat post clamp?

Seat post clamp size refers to the inside diameter size of the clamp. This should correspond to the outside diameter of bike frame where the clamp is used. Just measure the outside diameter of the frame where the clamp will be used.

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How do you install a quick release seatpost clamp?

Put the clamp on the frame of the bike, and if there is a quick release, tighten the nut hand tight. Then put the seat at the right level, facing the right direction, and close the quick release.

Are all bike seat posts the same size?

While there are any number of post diameters out there, most modern road and MTB bike frames accept a seatpost of either 27.2mm in diameter (‘standard’), 30.9 or 31.6mm (‘oversize’).

How do you measure a seat tube diameter?

To measure, you place the rod inside the seat tube and match the diameter. The rods are designed to have an increasing diameter from one end to the other. Therefore, the correct reading, which matches, is the one above the end of the seat tube.

Are bike seats a standard size?

The most common size is 27.2 mm (1.07 in) for most bikes, especially for the higher-quality models. BMX bikes commonly use 25.4 seatposts. In some modern bikes with thicker alloy or carbon tubing, larger diameters such as 30.9 mm are used. Tapering seatposts often have a diameter of 22.2 mm (⅞ in) at the top.

What is the length of seatpost?

Seatposts are made in lengths from 75 to 430 millimeters. A seatpost can relatively easily be cut shorter, but a too short seatpost can’t be lengthened, of course. Seatpost, with a seat mounting clamp on top. Saddle height is adjusted by sliding the seatpost further in/out of the frame (seat tube).

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