Replacing My Mountain Bike Rotor What Size Do I Have?

How do I know what size mountain bike rotor I need?

Rotor size is measured by diameter, ie. edge to edge through the centre. The size may also be etched on to the rotor which would be more accurate than measuring yourself. There are a number of common IS (International Standard) sizes of rotor from 140mm through to 203mm.

How do I know what size rotors to buy for my bike?

Here are some general rules of thumb: 160mm rotors for cross-country (possibly with a 180mm front rotor for heavier riders and greater versatility); 180mm front and 160mm rear rotors for 5in and 6in full suspension bikes; 200mm rotors for gravity riding.

What is the standard rotor size?

Disc brake rotors for road use come in two sizes: 140mm and 160mm, as well as two ways to fit them to the hub, 6 bolt and centre-lock. The decision on rotor size comes down to stopping power and heat dissipation.

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Are front rotors bigger than rear?

When front brakes < rear brakes the rear of the car will lock up first and cause the backend to slide around (oversteer). The former is safer for road cars. Since the front brakes do more work they are bigger (or "better").

Are front and rear rotors the same size?

The fitment front and rear are going to be extremely different. Not only is the diameter and braking surface completely different sizes, the rear disks have a separate machined area inside the hat (the part where it attaches to the hub) which is used for the parking brake. The front one has no such provision.

Why are my front rotors so big?

The larger rotors not only provide more power but they also put less strain on your forearms and shoulders since you don’t need to pull the brakes as hard, keeping you fresher for longer and allowing you to ride more actively. If you hit the front brakes with a 220 mm rotor, the wheel will lock up relatively quickly.

What is the lightest MTB rotor?

Ashima Ai2 The World’s Lightest Disc Brake Rotor 160 180mm Black Red Blue Gold White Silver.

Are thicker rotors better?

Larger rotors have a greater mass and allow for greater storage of heat. This is good because if there is a greater capacity for heat in the rotors, your brake pads and hose fluid can stay at operation temperatures.

How long can you drive with a bad rotor?

Vehicle brake rotors can last for between 30000 and 60000 miles depending on your driving styles and vehicle type. In some cases, the brake rotors could hold out for a little bit longer.

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How do u know if u need new rotors?

Applying the brakes activates the brake pads. Your steering wheel vibrates — the sensation is also described as shuddering or pulsing — because the pads are following the contours of the warped rotors. If your steering wheel is giving you vigorous handshakes, a rotor replacement may be in order.

Can I just replace brake pads and not rotors?

Yes, but it depends on the condition of your brake rotors. If they aren’t damaged or thinned beyond the discard thickness, you can definitely change just the worn brake pads. As we know, brake rotors and brake pads work together.

Is 140mm rotor enough?

‘In my opinion a pair of 140mm rotors look nicest, but as many riders are over 80kg there is a chance braking performance can be affected in certain conditions,’ says Giacomo Sartore, groupset product manager at Campagnolo. ‘This is why we recommend either a pair of 160mm rotors or 160mm front, 140mm rear.

Can you change rotor size?

Only the Adapter changes. You must check your fork manufacturer for the maximum size of rotor the fork can be safely operated with. Also check frame clearances (at the rear) for enough clearance for the size of rotor you are selecting. Going up rotor sizes is specifically for more braking power.

Can I use smaller brake rotors?

These are not interchangeable. How much smaller? A millimeter isn’t gonna hurt anything. As long as the pads don’t overhang the rotor, it’s good.

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