Readers ask: What Is The Size On A Bike Wheel Troughaxle?

What is the diameter of a bicycle axle?

Some axles have integrated cam levers that compress axle elements against the fork leg to lock it in place, while others rely on pinch bolts on the fork leg to secure it. Diameters for front thru axles include 20 mm, 15 mm, 12 mm, and 9 mm. Rear axles typically have diameters of 10 or 12 mm.

What is a thru-axle bike wheel?

A thru-axle (TA) is a wheel attachment system that secures a wheel on a hub between a pair of dropouts on a bicycle frame or fork. The thru-axle threads directly through the fork/frame holes and into the wheel hub, which makes the wheel secure from detaching.

How do I know what size axle I need?

For a front thru-axle, this is measured from the inside to the inside of your fork. For a rear thru-axle, this is measured from the inside to the inside of your frame at the drop-outs. The O.L.D. measurement is often listed for many thru-axles but isn’t necessary if you know the overall length.

What is 15mm thru-axle?

15mm thru axle uses a different connection on the fork where the axle of the wheel allows a 15mm bolt to go through it. Same concept for a 20mm thru axle. Some wheel manufacturers have adapters that allow you to use the same wheel with the different fork hub standards by swapping out the axle ends.

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How do you read a bike wheel size?

Check tyre markings

  1. Wheel sizes have been measured in a variety of guides for some time now.
  2. The first two digits of the ETRTO denote the tyre width in mm.
  3. So, if your wheel size is 32-622, then it has a width of 32mm (inside our 28-64mm range) and a diameter of 622, which is the 28” wheel.

How do I know if my bike has a thru axle?

Thru Axles Your bike has a thru axle if the “drop out” is a hole, rather than a U-shaped dropout. This provides added security because even if the lever on the end of the thru axle flips open, it is still threaded into the frame, holding your wheel on.

What is a 12mm thru axle?

From this specification we know 142mm is the hub width (or frame spacing) and 12mm is the diameter of the axle. Total Thru Axle length from the seat to the end of the threads.

Can you convert QR to thru axle?

If it’s a front hub and your fork uses a QR, you can buy a new thru-axle hub and an adapter that lets you use a thru-axle hub in a QR fork. About $15 for the adapter. This will give a fractionally better bit of firmness, but primarily, if you change your fork down the road, you can get one with thru-axle.

What size is a quick release axle?

A quick release wheel has a hollow axle, 9mm in diameter at the front and 10mm at the rear, with a 5mm diameter skewer that passes through it.

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Do I need thru axle adapter?

You’ll need an adaptor in order to fit a thru axle bike to a wheel-on trainer. You usually have to buy the adaptor separately. Most direct drive trainers now come with whatever’s necessary to use it with a thru axle bike.

Why do bikes have thru axles?

The thru axle threads directly through the fork holes and the wheel hub. This makes it nearly impossible for the wheel to detach. With a thicker axle bolted directly onto the bike, strength and stability are greatly improved. The end result is a stiffer front end and the elimination of brake rub.

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