Quick Answer: What Size Grips Does My Bike Need?

How do I know my bike grip size?

Spread the thumb out a little to the side. Mark the bend of the thumbs as shown on the chart. Read the size from the chart an select the appropriate grip size. For MTB we recommend to choose one size smaller.

Are bicycle grips a standard size?

Standard handlebar grip area diameters. There are only two current standard sizes: Flat bars have a 22.2 mm (7/8″) grip area diameter. Road (“drop”) bars have a 23.8 mm (15/16″) grip area diameter.

Do all bike grips fit all bikes?

No. Though the internal diameter dimension has been standardized to fit just about any mountain bike handlebar (22mm being the current standard), grips come in a number of different lengths and outer diameters in order to give a more custom fit tailored for the riders preference.

Which bike grips do I need?

Riders looking for relief for their hands should go with softer grips; riders in search of a more reactive feel from their bikes should go with harder grips. Tacky grips work best with thin, tight-fitting gloves or for gloveless riders.

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What handlebar size do I need?

The rule of thumb when selecting the correct handlebar width is to measure the distance between the two bony bits on your shoulders – in more scientific terms the distance between your two acromioclavicular (AC) joints. This measurement gives you a baseline – if it’s 38cm, look for 38cm bars – and so on.

What is standard handlebar diameter?

The most common diameter is 31.8mm, but older bars can be 25.4mm and there’s even an oversize 35mm standard being introduced by Race Face that promises even greater strength and stiffness.

How do you measure handlebar grips?

How to Measure Motorcycle Handlebars

  1. Overall width: the distance from end to end.
  2. Pullback: the distance from the mount to the end of the grips.
  3. Total rise: the highest point of the handlebars.
  4. End rise: the height of the grip.
  5. Center width: the distance between where the bars start to bend.

Will BMX grips fit a mountain bike?

Mountain bike and BMX grips have the same internal diameter, this means that most MTB grips can be used on BMX and vice versa. One of the differences might be in the length, BMX grips can be longer than MTB ones because BMX doesn’t have shifters.

Are all BMX grips the same size?

Different measurements. Pretty much all flat bar bikes and cruisers have the same diameter handle bars where the grips and controls clamp on. There are a couple different sizes where the stem clamps the bar. That’s the 25.4.

What is grip diameter?

A “580 (or 58)” or “600 (or 60)” grip size refers to the inside diameter of the grip uninstalled. This size most closely matches the majority of all outer butt diameter shaft sizes. Some grips however come in additional core sizes, like 580 (0.580″), 560 (0.560″), 500 (0.500″) or even 620 (0.620″).

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Are bike grips important?

The grips on your mountain bike are pretty important, they are the main point of contact with the bike and can have a major influence on your control of it and the comfort (or discomfort) in which you find yourself.

What are bike handle grips made of?

Grips are usually made of firm or soft plastic, foam, gel, or sometimes leather, depending on expected use or desired price. They may be simply smooth and round or molded to fit the shape of a human hand better.

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