FAQ: How To Pick Right Bike Helmet Size?

How do you size an adult bike helmet?

Take a soft measuring tape and wrap it around your head about one inch above your eyebrows and ears. Make sure the tape is level. Most helmets are measured in centimeters, so measure your head in centimeters if you can.

How do I know if my bike helmet is too small?

Try a helmet that’s too small first. A helmet that’s too small won’t be able to sit flush with the top of the head. A helmet too small will stop well above the ears before their head is finished rounding out. Any retention system (more on this later) typically will need to be as loose as possible.

How do I choose a bike helmet?

Now let’s see which factors makes motorcycle helmet comfortable?

  1. Soft internal padding that feels comfortable against your skin.
  2. Liner shape perfectly matching your head shape.
  3. Chin strap with smooth padding that does not irritate neck.
  4. Good visibility through visor.

Do bike helmets come in sizes?

Getting the right size helmet is vital for safety and comfort before getting on your bike for a ride. Helmets come in small, medium, large and X-large sizes and correspond in CM (Centimeters).

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How should a full face helmet fit?

A correct sized full face helmet should feel snug on your head and shouldn’t move back and forth or side to side when you move your head. One way to test if a helmet is fitting you right or not is when you put the helmet on its front should be no more than an inch above your eyebrows.

Should you size up or down in bike helmet?

Helmets come in a variety of sizes. It’s not a case of one size fits all, so knowing your head circumference will help you choose the correct size helmet. If you are on the borderline of a helmet size range, go up a size rather than trying to squeeze into one.

Should a helmet be tight?

According to industry experts, a helmet should be comfortably snug around the entire wearer’s head without resulting in pressure points. It shouldn’t have any up and down or side to side movements during the ride. It shouldn’t be too tight, but it shouldn’t be loose either.

What happens if your bike helmet is too big?

The Most Common Bike Helmet Fails But wearing a bike helmet this way, usually because it’s too big or the straps haven’t been adjusted properly, compromises the safety and increases the odds of the helmet coming loose in a crash.

Which color helmet is best?

What is the best color for a motorcycle helmet? White is the best color for a motorcycle helmet. Experts have found that white motorcycle helmets are the safest and most visible helmets a motorcycle rider can use. White helmets are associated with a 24% lower risk of crash-related injuries compared to black helmets.

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Are more expensive bike helmets safer?

If you ride lots or on technical trails, a more expensive helmet will suit you better (as a guide, over $80). Spending this amount will mean that you get a helmet with greater coverage to protect more of your head and will it will generally come with impact protection/ slip plane technology.

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